April 10, 2024

Is It Okay to Call OrbitGTM a Safe Trading Platform for All?

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Before I jump into the details of the features of the trading platform, I want you to be clear about the concept of safety here. Safety does not mean that you will be guaranteed great returns on your investments. It just means that you will trade with confidence, given all the trading tools, and offered safety in terms of the safety of your information, interests, and money. I think my OrbitGTM review will clarify the concept even further to you when you read the details.

You can find hundreds of online trading platforms these days but safety does not seem to be a strong suit of all of them. You have to put in some great efforts to research the right place to trade and make sure it is safe in every sense of the word. I have done that research and to help you start quick, I have come up with this short review.

KYC and AML Adherence by the Company

Do you look at these two terms before you sign up with an online trading service provider? If you don’t, I would recommend that you start doing that from today. These are two of the most important policies that govern the workings of online trading platforms. When you sign up with a company, it should ask you for your personal details to create a unique record in your name. Yes, when you choose to sign up with OrbitGTM, you will have to give that information out including your personal identification number, the picture of the ID document, and picture of your utility bills.

As for AML policy, you will be required to use the same account for deposits and withdrawals, and the information on this account should match the ID information you have provided while signing up. Through these policies, the company has proved that it is transparent and abides by the rules of the industry.

Encrypted Information and Segregated Bank Accounts

As a trader on any online platform, you have to be sure that your money and information are being kept safe. When it comes to the safety of your information, the first thing to consider is the URL of the website. If it starts with HTTPS, the “S” at the end denotes that the company has proper security socket layers on the website. This means all the information that you provide will be encrypted. Encryption means it will be converted into a format that no one can understand even if they intercept the internet connection. OrbitGTM is protecting your funds through segregation.

It keeps its own funds in a different account than the ones it has chosen for your funds. The company has maintained accounts at regulated banks where it puts all the funds deposited by traders.

Registration and Customer Support

How do you know the platform you have chosen is legitimate and that it will not disappear after you have deposited funds in your trading account? Well, the first thing to consider is the registration status of the company. Is the company registered? I am sure you will be glad to see that the licensing information of this business is available right on the website. So, yes, you are signing up with a registered online brokerage firm. Furthermore, the company has provided you with proper customer support details, something that scammers usually don’t have.

You can call on the phone numbers, use emails for inquiries, or even use live chat. The physical address of the company is also there just so you know you are signing up with a legitimate entity.

Final Thoughts

You see, these are the factors that every online trader should be considering before signing up with trading services provider. This gives you peace of mind that you can now focus on trading rather than worrying about losing your money and information. I believe OrbitGTM is among the best in terms of offering peace of mind to its traders. Of course, you can know more when you sign up with.

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